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Reflections on Zach

From the Environmental Matters Committee room on the last day of session

Each committee of the legislature has several staff members assigned to do its work rather than that of individual legislators. In the Environmental Matters Committee on which I serve Mike Hodor is one of those employees. On afternoons when we are in legislative session, he plays music, often classical, while preparing for our public hearings or voting sessions.

On the last day of the session Mike invited me to come to the committee room and listen with him. He had remembered that when my sister, who had spent the last few months of her life in our home, died of leukemia fourteen years ago during the legislative session, I had told him that I loved listening to Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman sing, "Time to Say Good-bye".

Mike wanted to play the same music in memory of Zach and his continuing spirit. Lloyd came with me and the three of us spent an exquisitely beautiful fifteen minutes listening with Zach in our hearts and minds. I could so clearly see Zach with the beautiful facial expression he had while listening to music he loved.

Thank you, Mike. What a beautiful gift.

From the floor of the full House of Delegates at 11pm on the last day of session

There are many delegates who will not be returning to the House next year, I among them. The Speaker asked if any of us wanted to give some parting words. I initially thought I had nothing I wanted to say, then as dozens of delegates rose to speak, some at considerable length, about their memories of their time in office and their plans for the future, I realized there was another perspective I could bring to this experience. I spoke of Zach's love of life: "Life is a precious gift. Live it with love to the fullest." This is my intention for the rest of my life. Thank you once more, Zach, for being such a great teacher.

From our top deck at night

April 8 and 9 were the two nights of this year when Mars was closest to earth. This coincided beautifully with my nightly ritual re Zach:

"His awareness is as broad as the sky and his understanding as deep as the sea."

Tuesday was our first night home after the legislative session. Mars shone clear and bright and Zach was with me.

From my weekly Meditation Group in Columbia

On Wednesday evenings at 5 our friends, Janis and Jerry Cripe, host a half hour silent meditation in their home. This Wednesday there were about twelve of us present. It was the first time I had been present in weeks due to the legislative session. When I walked into the room I saw that Janis had arranged four beautiful bowls, handmade by local artist Winnie Coggins, in the form of a cross on the floor. In the center was the program from Zach's memorial service with his beautiful image on the front. A member of the group, Sue Garner, read an inspiring piece entitled "Empty Bowls". "For Buddhists, the empty bowl is a symbol of the self - we want to empty it of all our ideas, notions, stories, judgments, opinions. When our bowl is full, we are not open to a new way of being." This symbolism so clearly mirrors Zach as I know him.

Closing Words for this Session

My heart is full with gratitude to all of you who sent me warm wishes upon the completions of my last legislative session as a Delegate to the Maryland General Assembly. Although I remain in office until the end of the year, it is very unlikely that any special legislative session will be convened in an election year.

As I have been quoted in the press several times lately when answering the question "How do you feel about your 30 plus years in public office?"

"I cherish these years. I have had some significant accomplishments, some disappointments, and no regrets."

No elected person could possibly have more informed and respectful constituents who understand that democracy can work only when the people participate.

Peace and be well.


Save the Date for Liz’s Annual Picnic
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"I would love to see ALL of you and your families at my final annual picnic. We always have fun and great conversation at this Gathering of Good People Who Care About Good Government."


Annapolis Wrap-Up

The Sun articles below serve as a good synopsis of the 2014 legislative session. I agree with their categorization of bills under categories of good, bad, and so-so, particularly the Estate Tax Cut as bad and the Minimum Wage as so-so, when we could have made it good.

The Sun: Good, Bad and so-so (Editorials) 

The Sun: Minimum-wage hike, new marijuana laws approved as session ends; Lawmakers turn attention to upcoming election 

I realize that the governor and legislature have been taking some pretty hard hits from Sun columnist Dan Rodricks lately. It truly pains me to say that I believe he is on point in his two recent columns, below. It would be one thing if Mr. Rodricks were a perpetual anti-government naysayer. He is not. Over the years he has written many positive columns about various government actions.

The Sun: Maryland 'Democratic dominance' in numbers, not in spine; As illustrated in Annapolis, the dominant party often does not act as one 

The Sun: Underwhelmed by the Maryland General Assembly; Minimum wage, marijuana measures sound better than they are 

National News

The recent Supreme Court decision further loosening campaign finance law troubles me beyond words. The Sun editorial below mirrors my thoughts precisely.

A great big "thank you" to Congressman John Sarbanes for introducing his "By the People Act".

The Sun:  A win for the billionaires [Editorial] Our view: With McCutcheon ruling, Supreme Court unleashes yet another torrent of big money on the already-soggy political landscape 



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